Miro Development

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Our Objective is not only to transform real estate but to

 transform lives in the neighborhoods we serve.

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We build quality homes that lead to sound investments and sustainable communities.

Our approach to development is identifying all the necessary antecedents (real estate, community, education, workforce, etc) that makes for sound investments and successful projects.  Our distinct value add is our holistic approach to development in the communities we serve. In addition to finding the optimal real estate to be developed, we work with multiple community stakeholders to establish trust and transparency.  It is with our greatest intention to work systematically within local communities to not only transform real estate but transform lives, cultivate new business and ensure progression for the greater community.

Meet the Team...


  • New Business Development
  • Construction Management


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Michael Altheimer, Jr.


Miro Development is led by Michael Altheimer, who is an alumnus of DePaul University and started his real estate career at the age of 19 while a Finance student. His early education also included working alongside local as well as multinational real estate developers and finance specialists. Prior to college, employment with Chicago based mortgage companies provided an understanding of the structure of residential real estate, and his entrepreneurial prowess lead to the independent development of his initial rehab projects.  In early 2000,  Michael's first series of transactions were structured as “buy, renovate and sell” projects located on Chicago’s South Side. Michael's thorough knowledge of the renovation process has led to the development of an efficient construction team that has the ability to complete routine maintenance of residential and commercial buildings, as well as extensive, code compliant renovations. Michael has become a trusted voice in real estate and has been featured on panel discussions for Crain's Chicago Business and other media outlets.



  • Interior Design
  • Property Management Coordination


Robin Williamson

Co-founder/interior designer

Robin Williamson is a managing broker, who works at the management level to successfully interact with personnel to acquire, rehab and maintain multi-unit residences. Robin studied Visual Communication at the Institute of Art in Chicago, and prior to co-founding Miro Development she held positions as Design and Brand Manager for various national architecture and engineering firms. Her role at these firms led to additional exposure to residential and commercial real estate development. Her keen attention to detail and natural eye for design are major factors in her ability to transform the interiors of each residence into cozy and functional living spaces.




  • Community Development
  • Strategic Partnership Strategies


Forrest Moore

community development Liason

Dr. Forrest Moore is currently working as a community developer and independent consultant. Forrest brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the field by utilizing a holistic approach to community development. Forrest has combined his skills in engineering, property management, strategic planning, research and comprehensive community initiatives to build a growth strategy with Miro Development, which will aid in the transformation of many South Side neighborhoods in Chicago and beyond. Forrest is also the co-founder of the not-for-profit, Blacklyfe NFP. This organization delivers holistic youth development programs to children of color and is responsible for developing a full curriculum addressing the specific needs of the children it serves.



  • Director of Construction
  • New Business Development


Yorell Groves

Construction Manager

Yorell Groves is Miro’s Director of Construction and Development. Yorell graduated from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics. His concentration was urban economics and real estate finance. In addition to completing his economics coursework, he completed the real estate sequence through the finance department. Prior to serving in this current role, Yorell was employed for over 12 years by Elzie Higginbottom’s East Lake Management and Development Corp. Yorell is well versed in all aspects of the development and construction of single-family, multi-family and commercial real estate. He has participated in the financial structuring, development and construction of over $500 million of real estate. Over the past 20 years, he has interfaced daily with lawyers, architects, contractors, construction managers, bankers, tax credit syndicators, commercial tenants, brokers and city officials.




  • Administrative Support
  • Property Management Assistant


Marisol Del Real

Executive Assistant

Marisol is a licensed real estate broker, who works as Executive Assistant. She is fluent in Spanish and her brokerage experience has given her a thorough understanding of how to deal with potential home buyers and tenants throughout the property management process. Prior to Miro Development, she held positions at Real Estate brokerages and Insurance Agencies throughout Chicago and Berwyn, IL. She has helped to facilitate marketing strategies and assisted brokerage firms expand their brands to grow their teams.