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We revitalize distressed assets to

We turn undervalued assets into profitable investments to

Empower underserved communities. 


Advocating for the elevation of underserved communities since 2000.

For over a decade, Miro Development has solidified the ability to turn vacant land, distressed undervalued assets and lender foreclosed properties into sustainable investments. It is our intention to work systematically within local communities to not only transform real estate but transform lives, cultivate new business and ensure progression of the greater community.




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Areas of Expertise

Residential Renovations

The landscape throughout Chicago is compiled of homes that were originally built in the early 1900s, and nearly a century of wear has resulted in the need to update every interior component. In addition, after the economic downturn, some of the hardest hit neighborhoods were those already heavily affected by urban blight. Miro Development has been able to contribute to the stabilization of these properties and entire neighborhoods by renovating homes as well as multi-unit buildings.

Community reactivation

Opportunities to create sustainable and measurable health and safety improvements in communities deemed troubled should be addressed through what we call a 4-pronged approach. This approach consists of employment, housing opportunities, access to social services programs, and social entrepreneurship. Our mission, since our inception, has been to engage community members by hiring local trades and providing job training throughout the construction process.

neighborhood stabilization

Miro Development has solidified an approach to cultivate the transformation of disadvantaged communities. Our process has included tackling issues of inefficient residential housing in neighborhoods with increased rates of foreclosure. Our block by block systematic approach creates a gradual progression in housing stock. In addition, our collaborations with nonprofit organizations, community affiliates and other stakeholders allow us to address several components that make neighborhoods desirable places to live.


investment opportunities

Our team has developed a proven strategy for generating revenue in real estate investments. Our niche focused investment strategy within a specific market segment has been refined to yield the greatest impact for our stakeholders and the community. Long-term investment opportunities include customizable residential and mixed-use apartment building investments. Short-term investment opportunities include single-family and 2-flat renovations.

mentoring & job training

We have found that to create long lasting change, employment opportunities should be permanent, non-cyclical and accessible. The employment environment should be organized to accept cohort participants. Regarding non-cyclical jobs, we have created collaborations with supply chain, local small business, and construction trades that will offer full and part-time employment in addition to on-site job training.

affordable housing to luxury homes

Our expertise spans from high-end to affordable housing. Our design partner ensures that each real estate investment attracts quality home buyers and renters while aligning with budgeting objectives. Interior design and space planning are critical components of creating real estate that correlates varying budgets and each exit strategies.

We see the future not as something out of our control, but as something we can shape for the better through concerted and collective effort.
— Barack Obama


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